Preview GU Schedule: Monday, August 26

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Monday, August 26 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. | Breakfast | Beyer Hall Cafeteria/Club LaRiccia 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. | New Student Orientation Make Up | Waldron Campus Center, Room 219 As a new college student you will experience many changes in your life and this orientation will help answer your initial questions and concerns. […]

New Student Orientation 2013: Student Schedule

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New Student Orientation 2013 Student Schedule Here’s the complete rundown of student activities and events scheduled for this year’s New Student Orientation sessions. Parents follow a slightly different schedule. Sunday Noon-1 p.m. Roman Catholic Mass Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel 1-3 p.m. RegistrationFinegan Hall Finegan Hall 1-3:30 p.m. Gannon University Bookstore Palumbo Academic Center Corner […]

New Student Orientation sessions are coming up!

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Dear New Students: Welcome to the Gannon Community! We are glad you have chosen to attend Gannon University and we look forward to your arrival on campus for Summer Orientation 2013. Beginning your college experience can be very exciting but it also has many unique challenges. We are preparing a special orientation program for you […]

New directions at student orientation

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Excerpt from Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012, by John Chacona Ashley Dolnack is tall and has a fearlessly outgoing personality, a forceful speaking voice and a talent for using it while walking backwards. This is an unusual skill set, to be sure, but it’s perfectly suited for the task at hand. On a hot Father’s Day Sunday […]

July? Already? Seriously??

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July 4 usually signals that the end of summer is quickly nearing for me. It means start scrambling to ensure my financial aid is all set because I have (regrettably) ignored the reminders since March. It means start checking for required books and acquiring new notebooks, binders and pencils. And if you’re anything like me […]