July 4 usually signals that the end of summer is quickly nearing for me. It means start scrambling to ensure my financial aid is all set because I have (regrettably) ignored the reminders since March. It means start checking for required books and acquiring new notebooks, binders and pencils. And if you’re anything like me you dread every minute of that whole process.

Don’t get me wrong — I do enjoy school, but the freedom of summer is just to hard to give up every year. I can say that I had a pretty decent summer thus far. I am loving the opportunity of being an orientation advisor for new student orientations. It has been a lot of fun making new friends with the staff and new students coming in the fall. I really wish I would have started as a sophomore instead of waiting until my senior year.

Speaking of senior, that is a word I am terrified of this year. It is not to be mentioned in my presence because in a way it is absolutely terrifying. I have no set plans for post-graduation yet, which is atypical of me. I am a planner, but I usually change part of my plans every other day. On the other hand I am kind of excited because graduation in a sense means freedom. It will be like summer all the time, without the nice weather of course.

Later this month I will be embarking on a trip to Atlanta with one of my fraternity brothers. I haven’t really put much thought into it until recently and I am getting more excited. I will be attending a leadership convention hosted by my fraternity. There will be delegates from over 80 colleges there as well as graduates who are already established in their careers. It provides a great opportunity for networking for future jobs.

And on that note, I should get back to preparing to the fall and packing for Atlanta. Hope the rest of your summer goes well!

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