How to Survive College as a Double Major

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When I was a high school senior getting ready to go to college, I decided it was a good idea to double-major in Theatre and Education. I guess I just wanted to get stuck doing exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Being the naive freshman I was, I thought […]

Setting goals reduces stress

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November brings a lot of changes to campus. It could be anything – the weather, the general atmosphere of campus, or even a change in friends, opinions or goals. Change is a part of life and is necessary for us to grow as individuals. We learn more and change the way we think about certain […]

7 ways to beat the second semester slump

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The dreaded second semester slump – characterized by lethargy, inefficiency and a general “ugh” attitude – is upon us. How can you fight it? 1. Make a change. Wikipedia lists hundreds of potential new hobbies – everything from archery to macramé to winemaking. Or try a new restaurant. Never tasted authentic Mexican? Sample the dishes […]

Getting organized makes me a "Busy B."

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I’m well into my second semester of college and I’ve learned a few things – how to make healthy eating choices, share a room with another teenage girl and be more organized. All right, so maybe I’m actually still in the process of learning, but I’ve made great progress since I moved into Wehrle on […]