The dreaded second semester slump – characterized by lethargy, inefficiency and a general “ugh” attitude – is upon us. How can you fight it?

1. Make a change. Wikipedia lists hundreds of potential new hobbies – everything from archery to macramé to winemaking. Or try a new restaurant. Never tasted authentic Mexican? Sample the dishes at El Canelo, a Gannon Student Fave. Craving good pancakes? Check out the last year’s Ultimate Fave winner, the Sidewalk Café.

2. Hit the gym. It’s no secret that physical activity has a multitude of benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, moderate exercise controls weight, combats disease, boosts energy and promotes better sleep. Luckily, the Carneval Athletic Pavilion is easily accessible and features a swimming pool, indoor running track, weight machines and cardio equipment – excellent news for sluggish, Ramen-fed students.

3. Reconnect with family and friends from home. They’re the people that got you through the first 18 years of life, and concentrating on school is much easier when you aren’t busy missing them. Call, Skype, catch up.

4. Spring cleaning. Few chores are less enjoyable than scrubbing out a microwave. But a round of intensive cleaning spruces up a space, which in turn works wonders for one’s mood. So attack the layers of dust and grim collecting on your television, windows, etc. Finally, add an air freshener – I highly recommend Renuzit Adjustables Cones. They’re super cheap and smell great without the fire hazard of a candle.

5. Get organized. Once your room is clean, make it neat. Invest in an accordion folder to keep your assignments filed by class. Rid your desk and backpack of clutter by recycling old magazines and throwing out unimportant papers.

6. Redecorate. Maybe you never got around to buying curtains. Maybe you’re tired of staring at the same old Bob Marley poster. Whatever the situation, go for a different look. HGTV’s website is full of decorating tips for dorms and apartments.

7. Chill! Last, but definitely not least. Regular relaxation sessions keep you from becoming worn out. Yoga and meditation are fabulous methods to achieving inner peace. If you can, spring for a massage. Your body and mind will thank you come finals week.

Take a look at what the rec is like on campus here