Becoming a leader in four easy steps

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As you get involved in more campus organizations, you will evolve from a general member to a potential leader. Your organization will trust you to complete assignments, communicate with the general assembly, and represent the group in a positive way. As you emerge as a leader, it can be difficult to find your voice in […]

5 Ways to remotivate

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Coming back to school after winter break can seem like the worst thing in the world. You were just getting used to sleeping in and being lazy when the time to return to campus finally arrived. But coming back to campus and to class doesn’t have to be painful! Here are a few ways to […]

7 ways to survive senior thesis

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It’s your senior year – you’ve almost made it! Just two semesters stand between you and the ability to clutch a well-earned diploma. If your schedule planned out to your preference, your minimal time left at Gannon will be a breeze. For some this is only halfway true, with the exception being a senior research […]

7 ways Erie preps for the holidays

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Although this “great lake” town is known for its summers, its winter months are not given enough hype. Just as any community-based city would, Erie gets ready for the holiday season two months early. These seven basic attributions color the city during the holidays: 1. Lights. Beyond the decorations lining the streets of downtown Erie, […]

7 ways to succeed at the admissions process

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It’s a scary thing to sit down at your computer and fill out your first college application. It’s a huge step in your life and a decision that should not be made lightly. Here are a few hints to help you master the admissions process: 1. Narrow your list. It’s very time-consuming – not to […]

7 ways to make the most of fall break

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After hitting the books hard for over a month, college students enjoy a break. At Gannon, fall break runs Oct. 10-14. Here are seven ideas for unwinding during your time off: 1. Catch a game.  Whether you are at home or at Gannon, there are plenty of fall sports to check out.  Go to a […]

7 ways to conquer homesickness

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The first few weeks of college are always tough. Getting used to being away from home and living on campus can be difficult, especially if you’re not local to Erie. Here’s a few suggestions to help you get over homesickness and enjoy your time on campus. 1. Use Skype. Skype is a free video chat […]

7 ways to satisfy your inner artist

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Erie is a relatively small city, but a city all the same. And like all cities, Erie has its artsy spots – some a little off the radar or known to a select few. Here are seven ways to enjoy the local art fare: 1. Erie Art Museum. The area’s ultimate aesthetic experience, Erie Art […]

7 ways to beat the second semester slump

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The dreaded second semester slump – characterized by lethargy, inefficiency and a general “ugh” attitude – is upon us. How can you fight it? 1. Make a change. Wikipedia lists hundreds of potential new hobbies – everything from archery to macramé to winemaking. Or try a new restaurant. Never tasted authentic Mexican? Sample the dishes […]