Erie is a relatively small city, but a city all the same. And like all cities, Erie has its artsy spots – some a little off the radar or known to a select few. Here are seven ways to enjoy the local art fare:

1. Erie Art Museum. The area’s ultimate aesthetic experience, Erie Art Museum offers a wide and varied collection. This State Street landmark is always standing tall, welcoming those who want to broaden their minds. You can even get free admission on Wednesdays.

2. Schuster Theatre. One of the most popular art venues on campus, the Schuster Theatre is the hub of the Gannon theatre world. Producing four main stage shows a year in addition to the Schuster Fringe Festival, the Schuster Theatre is always buzzing with people.

3. Dafmark Dance Theatre. Dance is a popular hobby in Erie, but no one puts as unique a spin on it as Dafmark Dance Theatre. Often featuring provocative recitals and unusual music, Dafmark has the leg up in a crowded dance town.

4. Basement Transmissions. Every town has its underground music scene and thanks to Basement Transmissions, Erie’s is getting a second wind. Located right under the bridge at 14th and State streets, this indie venue is a hole in the wall worthy of its independent crowd. Featuring local and touring bands, something is always going on at Basement Transmissions.

5. The Erie Playhouse. Not to be confused with Gannon’s own Schuster Theatre, the Erie Playhouse is the local community theatre. This playhouse puts on over 10 shows – including plays, concerts and musicals – every year. Auditions are open to Erie natives and students.

6. Schuster Art Gallery. A little gem on Gannon’s campus, the Schuster Art Gallery is located on the third floor of the Nash Library. This gallery features between four and six exhibits annually and is open during the regularly scheduled library hours. For Gannon’s aspiring artists, this is the place to display their newest work.

7. One Green World Cafe. One Green World is becoming more and more synonymous with the local band Man in the Maze. If OGW is having any sort of event, this student band will likely be there to provide some mesmerizing beats.

Satisfy your craving for art right now with the ongoing Schuster Fringe Festival!