SGA Report: Student Voices sparks discussion and action

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What happens when an unstoppable force hits an unmovable object? You get last week’s SGA meeting, where the students won out in a strikingly melodramatic fashion. OK, perhaps “melodramatic” isn’t the right word. Here’s a better one: unlikely. The largest (and most important) feature of the meeting was the “Student Voices” section. In my opinion, […]

P is for Plavcan… But what's a Plavcan?

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Walking through Gannon’s campus, one might expect to find beautiful artwork in many places. You’d think to find it at the Schuster Gallery in Nash Library or Gannon’s Schuster Theatre. You wouldn’t generally expect to find art decorating the walls of an academic building. However, expectations can be wrong. The Palumbo Academic Center is home […]

5 things to know about the Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center (SSC) assists students in whatever way they can to help make the college experience a little bit easier. Here are five things to know about the SSC: 1. Opened in 2010, the SSC offers services that were previously spread across campus in one centralized location on the first floor of Palumbo.

Gannon A to Z: C is for compass

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The atrium of Palumbo Academic Center offers students a sense of direction in the form of a tile compass. The maroon and gold compass was installed in January 1998 after faulty tile adhesive necessitated a new floor. Those responsible for the aesthetic quality of Palumbo seized the opportunity to create a more attractive lobby.

Gannon A to Z: B is for bricks

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The brick paths on Gannon’s campus may not lead you to Oz, but they will take you to some of the university’s most popular spots. AJ’s Way – the well-traveled brick walkway leading from 7th to 8th Street – makes for a charming stroll to the Palumbo Academic Center. You’ll also find bricks underfoot in […]

The life-changing powers of spaghetti

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Has spaghetti sauce ever changed your life? I’m not talking about going to your local fine Italian dining spot and having your cuisine motivate you enough to change your life. I’m not talking about immaculate pasta changing your destiny. Over Christmas break, a friend of mine sent me a link to a site called TED. […]

ASK EDGE: Student Questions, Student Answers

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Ask Edge is a new feature here at Edge where our editors will answer questions asked by interested high school students. Want to ask a question? Drop us a line via Twitter (@gannonedge), Facebook or email  at Or, if you’re on campus for a visit, submit your questions in the Office of Admissions. Colin […]

All About Sister Michele Healy

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“All About…” is a new series that will give you an inside look at people from the GU community. Take a minute to get to know all about the awesome people who believe in Gannon. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Sister Michele Healy, assistant professor of theology at Gannon. Sr. […]

A Welcome, an Invitation and a Byte to Chew On

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Welcome back to campus, Gannon students! Also welcome to all the new first-year students. I’m sure that you’re getting yourself settled into your new life on campus. I moved into a new apartment this semester and I really love it here. Even though I know I am going to be busy again, I enjoy having […]

Click Thru GU: Palumbo Academic Center

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Humanities majors come to know Palumbo, the home of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, quite well. In addition to these classrooms and offices, there’s also the Honors Center, the Student Success Center, Information Technology Services, InterMetzo Cafe and the Gannon Bookstore. PREVIOUS: Freshman Residence Halls > Be sure to check out our […]