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Colin asks: “Do most students stay on campus for the weekends or go home?”

Matt Kridel, assistant editor: There’s always something to do on campus during the weekends. Sure, some people do go home, especially if they live close to campus, but a lot of people stay to enjoy what GU has to offer for the weekends. You can check out any of an assortment of sporting events, catch a movie or hang out with friends. You’ll never end up bored if you stay for the weekend.

Alex asks: “Is there a way to get around the city without having a car on campus?”

Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief: The answer to your question is yes! Gannon’s location in a downtown, urban location is perfect if you don’t have a car. There are a lot of different things to see and do within walking distance of campus. Erie also has the EMTA system, which has buses that travel all over the city. Riding on any EMTA bus is free with a Gannon Student ID.

Ben asks: “Is there more than one place to eat on campus besides the cafeteria?”

Sarah Sgro, managing editor: Absolutely! Also in Waldron Campus Center (the location of the cafeteria) is Doc’s Landing and Knight’s Cove. Doc’s Landing offers breakfast sandwiches, donuts and bagels in the morning and pre-made salads and sandwiches, soups, pizza and a cook-to-order grill later in the day. In Knight’s Cove is Poblano’s, which offers Mexican food and Knight’s Cove Deli, which offers made-to-order sandwiches. Palumbo Academic Center has Intermetzo Café, offering coffee, tea and smoothies. Morosky Academic Center has the Courtyard Café, with a similar selection to Doc’s Landing. You can also use GU Gold for various purchases on and off campus, including food. To see where GU Gold is accepted, click here.

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