Garbage Shamrock!

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If any of have ever had to pick up trash after a garbage bag ripped while you were walking to the garbage can, you know the struggle of picking up the filth that you have accumulated that week. Well on Wednesday I had to take trash from multiple academic buildings around campus (thanks Palumbo and […]

RUNDOWN: Advising, karaoke and ‘Hairspray’

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Monday, Nov. 10: It’s World Kindness Week! Spread the love by doing one random act of kindness for a stranger! Tuesday, Nov. 11: Happy Advising Day! After meeting with your advisor, take some time to savor a day free from class. Wednesday, Nov. 12: As if you need another reason to eat pizza: today is Pizza With […]

A definitive ranking of the best vending machines on campus

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So you’re walking to class, listening to “1989,” when suddenly, you’re struck with a familiar pain. No, it can’t be – lunch is an hour and 20 minutes away! You double over in hunger like werewolf during a full moon and let out a distinguished howl. Luckily, you have some options, which is why I […]

RUNDOWN: Decorate a mug and dance through the ‘knight’

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Monday, Oct. 20: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the clutter on your computer’s desktop – yes, I’m referencing those photos from 2009 – it’s time to get organized. Today is Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day! Tuesday, Oct. 21: The “sophomore slump” is real. Find out ways to combat it by attending an informational meeting held […]

The nominations are in! Let the voting begin for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014!

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UPDATE: Round 1 voting has closed! See the winners below! The nominations are in and it’s time to start voting for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014! Through online nominations and write-in nominations at the Waldron Campus Center, Gannon students have nominated 32 locations in the quest to determine Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014. The winner from each of […]

Preview GU Schedule: Tuesday, August 27

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Tuesday, August 27 8 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. | Breakfast – Beyer Hall Cafeteria/Club LaRiccia 9:45 a.m. – 11 a.m. | Student Success Center (SCS)/Mission & Ministry | REQUIRED Last NameA – M | Yehl Alumni Room Last NameN- Z | Zurn 104 Worried about succeeding in your college courses? Want to learn how to […]

Gannon uncovers new archaeology museum gallery

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“This is a very significant opening.  It‘s very rare for a university the size of Gannon to have an archaeology museum,” said William G. Dever, Ph.D., and he would know.  Dever is a world-renowned American archaeologist specializing in the history of Israel and the Near East in Biblical times, and he was also the speaker […]

Look into the Past: Palumbo Academic Center

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This new photo series, titled “Look into the Past,” takes old pictures and matches them up with their current day positions. Sometimes these places haven’t changed and sometimes these places are radically different. The idea is to have a window into the past and see what was compared to what is. It’s a cool look […]

New beginnings with sorority recruitment weekend

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During the week of Jan. 22-28, a very important event is highlighted on every girl’s social calendar: sorority recruitment. Like them or not, fraternities and sororities play an important part in college life. They organize social events, provide community service and offer a sense of school spirit. Like many other girls at Gannon, I put […]

Crosswalk crossed off university’s agenda

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The students have spoken, and now the former crosswalk on West Eighth Street between Palumbo and A.J.’s Way is back in discussion. At each Student Government Association (SGA) meeting is the “Student Voice” segment, where Gannon University’s students can vocalize their concerns, air their grievances, or petition the SGA for various requests. At the Jan. […]