Low Carbon Crossings: Environmental Wellness at Gannon University

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Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – looks to continue developing a culture of wellness at Gannon University by educating the campus community on environmental wellness. Environmental wellness is the ability to understand our relationship and impact on the natural resources in our world. It’s an appreciation and willingness to protect the quality […]

From Brazil to Erie: Meet Bruno Müller

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“Gannon has certainly grown to feel like a home away from home.” Name: Bruno Colombo Müller Class Year: Senior Major: Sport and Exercise Science Interests: Sports – Soccer (Playing with plenty of intercultural students at the Recreation and Wellness Center) Favorite Place on Campus: Recreation and Wellness Center Q: When did you move here? A: […]

RUNDOWN: Wellness, Fringe Fest and six more weeks of winter

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Monday, February 2: Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so  it’s six more weeks of winter BUT only 26 days until GU’s Spring Break! Tuesday, February 3: Interested in ways to stay healthy and fit on campus? Stop by the Wellness Fair at the Recreation and Wellness Center between 8 a.m. and midnight. Visit the seven zones of […]

MK Makes Muscles: Or, ‘Mary begrudgingly does Pilates’

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I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate the gym. So when my boss approached me with an idea for an article that involved reviewing classes offered at the Recreation and Wellness Center, I really, really did not want to do it. Alas, I felt the need to educate my peers about workout classes […]

Desks no longer just for sitting and working

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Maybe you’ve heard the buzz words nutritionists like to use for American’s infamous, first world patterns like “sedentary lifestyle” and “obesity epidemic,” but have you ever heard any solutions offered besides workout routines? Gannon University administrators recently participated in a pilot program for one of the proposed solutions to sedentary workplaces: treadmill desks. These desks […]