Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – looks to continue developing a culture of wellness at Gannon University by educating the campus community on environmental wellness.

Environmental wellness is the ability to understand our relationship and impact on the natural resources in our world. It’s an appreciation and willingness to protect the quality of our air, water, and the land that surrounds us.

Good for U believes that some of the best ways to embrace your environmental wellness include: spending time outside in a natural setting, avoiding driving by walking, riding a bike or taking public transportation, tending to a garden, using natural cleaning products, going green by reducing, reusing and recycling, as well as actively participating in sustaining the environmental well-being of your community.

Low Carbon Crossings, a community conversation hosted by Mindy Ahler and Ryan Hall, is one of the most recent opportunities which Gannon University is offering for students as well as faculty and staff to fortify their environmental wellness.

The Low Carbon Crossings campaign is an effort to raise awareness of climate change, educate the public on this issue, and to network with individuals dedicated to make a change. Mindy Ahler and Ryan Hall founded this campaign and are currently traveling over 4,000 miles by bicycle across the United States from Oregon to DC, engaging in community conversations on climate solutions along the way.

On Thursday, November 3 Mindy and Ryan will be visiting Gannon University to host an open conversation on climate change at 7:00 PM in Zurn 101.

Ashley Faulkner, an Administrative Aide at the Recreation and Wellness Center, states that the Low Carbon Crossings campaign provides insight into modern culture and the climate change crisis, while promoting both physical and environmental wellness.

“The Low Carbon Crossings initiative is a great fit with what is already happening related to culture and climate change. It’s truly an intersection of physical and environmental wellness. We are excited to be a support for Mindy and Ryan’s efforts to make a difference,” Faulkner said.

For more information on the Low Carbon Crossings campaign, or on how to better embrace your environmental wellness, visit the Low Carbon Crossings homepage at or contact Gannon University’s wellness office at (814) – 871 – 7164.

-contributed by David Russo