NIRSA Recreational Sports & Fitness Day February 22

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On Wednesday, February 22 the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) will be hosting its annual Recreational Sports and Fitness Day on campuses throughout the country, as well as right here at Gannon University in the Recreation and Wellness Center! Good for U encourages the campus community to take advantage of this exciting event, […]

Wellness Fair – 2017

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Gannon University’s Wellness 2017 fair will take place February 7 at the Recreation & Wellness Center from 8:30AM to 11:30PM. In the past few years here at Gannon, I have been to the wellness fair. At the fair, they have plenty of activities supporting all aspects of health and wellness from maintaining healthy sleep habits, […]

My Experience at the Wellness Center

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Being a sophomore in college, I have had time to grasp the concept of college life and learn how to manage my time properly.  Once I learned how to do these two things, I wanted to better myself on a more physical level. Last year, I started going to the gym here on campus in […]

Low Carbon Crossings: Environmental Wellness at Gannon University

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Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – looks to continue developing a culture of wellness at Gannon University by educating the campus community on environmental wellness. Environmental wellness is the ability to understand our relationship and impact on the natural resources in our world. It’s an appreciation and willingness to protect the quality […]

Get #GUnited with the Rec & Wellness Center

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Get #GUnited this year by signing up, logging on and embracing social wellness with Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center and Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – through newly launched RWC social media platforms. At Gannon, wellness is more than physical health. It is multi-dimensional and includes social connectedness, emotional well-being, intellectual […]

MK Makes Muscles: Or, ‘Mary begrudgingly does Pilates’

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I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate the gym. So when my boss approached me with an idea for an article that involved reviewing classes offered at the Recreation and Wellness Center, I really, really did not want to do it. Alas, I felt the need to educate my peers about workout classes […]

On the brink of Insanity: GU runner tries new workout

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I am a runner. I have run two marathons. And for the most part, we runners like to stick with what we know. Aside from a few laps in the pool and some periodic ab workouts, most of my marathon training is simply running. I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon twice but because of the difficulty […]

Self-Proclaimed 'Lazy Person' Finds Motivation at Rec Center!

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really loved to work out. And by ‘never really loved’ I mean I hated it.  Physical excursion and “no pain, no gain?” No thanks. I’d rather curl up with “Pride and Prejudice” in the Lazy Boy on the second floor of the Nash Library with some […]