Get #GUnited this year by signing up, logging on and embracing social wellness with Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center and Good for U – Gannon University’s wellness initiative – through newly launched RWC social media platforms.

At Gannon, wellness is more than physical health. It is multi-dimensional and includes social connectedness, emotional well-being, intellectual processing, spirituality and an appreciation of our natural environment.

With the recent launch of their social media campaign, Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center encourages students to embrace their social wellness by becoming better connected through social media.


Social wellness is the ability to interact with others to build meaningful, supportive relationships and a positive social network through strong communication skills, respect and engagement in the community. One of the best ways to do this is through social media.

At the beginning of this month, Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center introduced accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ashley Kolniak, an Administrative Aide at the Recreation and Wellness Center, stated that the launch of these social media platforms is aimed at increasing wellness engagement throughout campus.

“Our goal is to create a community by increasing engagement in fitness, wellness and intramural activities. By launching social media, we are able to reach faculty, staff, students and the community through one platform,” Kolniak said.

Be sure to follow Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center on Facebook at Gannon Recreation and Wellness Center, Instagram @gannon.rwc, and on Twitter @GannonRWC in order to be featured in upcoming competitions for prizes. Also, help support a culture of wellness throughout Gannon University by using the hashtag #RWCtheplacetobe. Contact Ashley Kolniak at for more information on the social media campaign.

-contributed by David Russo