Gannon Guest Speaker: Eboo Patel

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  On February 23, Gannon recently had the privilege of hosting speaker Eboo Patel at the Hammermill. Eboo Patel is a current member of President Barack Obama’s inaugural Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, and founder and President of the nonprofit, Interfaith Youth Core. He comes from Illinois, where he spent time as an activist for a number of causes […]

Muslim Student Association brings religious diversity to campus

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There is a growing population of Muslim students at Gannon, and as the numbers increase it is important for students to familiarize themselves with each other and get to know students from different cultural backgrounds. That is one of the goals of the Muslim Student Association. “The MSA’s main goal on campus is to promote […]

Surviving Lent: Getting over the loss of (chocolate, soda, naps etc.)

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The Catholic observance of the Lenten season is one marked by the themes of sacrifice and absolution for sins. Those who actively practice Catholicism tend to mark their commitment to this 40-day period by giving up something or adding some sort of service activity to their daily lives. This extra challenge helps students focus on […]

Gannon A to Z: I is for Ichthi

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Ichthi is not only the Greek word for fish, but the name of Gannon’s Catholic faith-sharing group. Members meet Thursday nights in the upper lounge of Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel to discuss everything from theological questions (Does prayer work? How?) to moral issues (the death penalty) to personal matters (romantic relationships). They also participate […]

In the Classroom for Protestant Tradition

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Gannon is a Catholic school, but part of a Gannon education is the study of other denominations and religions. In this episode, we go inside the classroom of Dr. Terry Giles for Protestant Tradition. [youtube_sc url=””] Shawn Hogue, who took Protestant Tradition in the past, talks about his experience with the class in his January […]

[VIDEO] Fr. Jason Glover talks faith, reason, dogs and God

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Father Jason Glover is a theology instructor at Gannon University. He’s also known for traversing the campus with a four-legged friend named Drake. Find out more in this video from Edge. [youtube_sc url=””] Meet other Gannon faculty, staff and students who believe in the possibilities.

[NEW BLOG] Faithfully: Living, Learning, Growing in Faith

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College is one of the most exciting, yet challenging parts of a person’s life. Choosing where to go is a complicated decision. What friends you meet, the quality of your education and the opportunities you could have are all based on what school you decide to attend. We at Edge acknowledge this and strive to […]

Students Form Faith-Based Family at Kirk House

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Community is one aspect of college life that Gannon University treasures. There are many clubs and organizations on campus to which students can belong to find their college family. These organizations are based on common interests, including sports, the arts and religion. There is also religion-focused housing where you can choose to live after your freshman […]

5 Things to Know About Theology

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Ever considered the religious life or just want to learn more about religion? Then Gannon’s Theology Department might have the class for you. Here are 5 things to know about theology as a major: 1.The total number of credits required is 128 total credits for the bachelor’s degree in theology. Some interesting classes are: The […]

10 Ways to Embrace All Faiths at Gannon

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Gannon University strives to be a community where students can develop their faith and serve others. The university’s mission calls for a commitment to both the specific Roman Catholic tradition as well as the diversity of faith traditions present in students and faculty. Want to celebrate your faith at Gannon? Here’s 10 ways we celebrate […]