Other Side: Résumés and Recommendations

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I made a promise to myself that once February rolled around I would seriously start the whole job hunting process. Well, February 1 came and went, and I found myself staring blankly at  an empty word document labeled “Résumé 2017” with a WikiHow article instructing me how to write a cover letter. I had no […]

VIDEO: How to get the job

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With the help of Career Development and Employment Services, our social media manager, Marisa, learns how to prepare for a job interview. Visit the Career Development and Employment Services’ website: http://ww4.gannon.edu/depts/cdes/

RUNDOWN: Resumé help and one-hit wonders

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Sunday, Sept. 21: Mass will be held at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel at 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 22: Today is National Ice Cream Cone Day! Treat yourself to a scoop of your favorite flavor for dessert. Tuesday, Sept. 23: Need some help tweaking your resumé? Counselors at the Student Success Center will hold one-on-one […]

RUNDOWN: Driving blood, riding bulls, and American Hustle

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Monday April 7th: Delta Chi will be selling donuts in Waldron today! Tuesday April 8th: Phi Eta Sigma will be having a blood drive today in the Hammermill from 11am to 5pm. Wednesday April 9th: From 12:30-1:30pm in the Student Success center conference room there will be a résumé writing workshop! Thursday April 10th: From 3-6 […]

A logical start to my new internship

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New situations are usually intimidating. Whether it’s a class or a job, you sometimes don’t know what to expect at all. Because this is my senior year, I wasn’t expecting to have too many new and scary situations thrown at me. Until, I had an internship interview. I previously worked a summer internship at a […]

Setting goals reduces stress

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November brings a lot of changes to campus. It could be anything – the weather, the general atmosphere of campus, or even a change in friends, opinions or goals. Change is a part of life and is necessary for us to grow as individuals. We learn more and change the way we think about certain […]

7 ways to succeed at the admissions process

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It’s a scary thing to sit down at your computer and fill out your first college application. It’s a huge step in your life and a decision that should not be made lightly. Here are a few hints to help you master the admissions process: 1. Narrow your list. It’s very time-consuming – not to […]

Prep U for GU: Finding Balance Between Academics and Activities

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High school and college students alike are often reminded to get involved to build up that college application or résumé. And who wouldn’t want to spend their spare time with other people who have the same interests? The key is finding the perfect balance between being “involved” and focusing on classes.