#edgeREWIND: what to do in Erie this summer

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If you’re in Erie this summer and are looking for things to do, fret no more! Here is a list of 13 things in Erie that will keep you from boredom and show you parts of Erie you may not have thought to explore before! Warner Theatre From Broadway shows to comedians, the Warner Theatre hosts […]

Aaron Eats Erie: Sara’s Diner

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Hello, friends. It’s been too long. A lot has changed in my life since I last paid $5 to eat too much pizza and write about it. I’m once again growing my beard out. I got to see my favorite band of all-time live and proceeded to survive a Greyhound trip I never thought would […]

Burger king now avoiding deep-fried anything

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I am without a doubt a burger junkie. You name a joint in Erie, and I’ve had a burger there. A turkey burger with a handful of pickles and tomatoes from Sara’s should be renamed the Jake Slease special because I’ve ordered so many. The phone number to the nearest Five Guys is programmed in […]

GU Speak: Presque Isle

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While Gannon’s setting is urban, the great outdoors are just a short distance away. Presque Isle, the sandy peninsula that extends into Lake Erie, is one of the most aesthetic places that you’ll find close to campus. Not only does PI have 13 beaches, it’s also a great place to go biking, rollerblading, boating and […]

Sara's: Erie's beachside '50s diner

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Sara’s has opened for the summer, and we’re so ready to go get foot-long Smith’s hot dogs, fries with hot ranch sauce and orange sherbet twist cones! A ‘50s style fast food restaurant known for, well, everything previously mentioned, Sara’s is located right before the entrance to Presque Isle. It’s a great place to stop […]

Ultimate Fave 2012: Get your vote on!

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The battle is on for the title of Gannon”s Ultimate Fave 2012. The first round of voting is underway and continues through Monday, March 12. We’ve paired up the 32 places with the most nominations submitted by Edge readers. The winner from each match-up will advance to the next round until only one place remains. […]