25 signs you’re an OT major

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Occupational therapy: one of the best programs Gannon University has to offer, in my humble and extremely biased opinion. Being in my junior year of OT, I kind of noticed how the program’s teaching and ideals have slowly taken over my soul. I know I’m not alone. For my fellow future occupational therapists, here are […]

Gannon OT alum: GU led me to 'the right place'

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As I look at where I am today, I realize that Gannon has played a major role in defining where I ended up – not just career wise, but also personally. Today my days are filled wearing a variety of hats: mommy, wife, occupational therapist (OT) and friend. And I know that I would not […]

5 Things To Know About Occupational Therapy

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Does a career in the medical field excite you, but the idea of going to school for a long period of time scare you off? Then Gannon’s occupational therapy program may be for you. Here are 5 quick facts to get you started: 1. At Gannon, you can get a Master’s degree in occupational therapy […]