Occupational therapy: one of the best programs Gannon University has to offer, in my humble and extremely biased opinion. Being in my junior year of OT, I kind of noticed how the program’s teaching and ideals have slowly taken over my soul. I know I’m not alone. For my fellow future occupational therapists, here are 25 signs you’re an OT major:

  1. When someone mentions “prom,” your first thought is “passive range of motion,” not a high school dance.
  2. You like visiting your grandma at the nursing home because it means you get to check out the rehab clinic and geek out over all the fancy equipment.
  3. You watch shows like “House” or “Grey’s Anatomy” and actually understand the terminology thanks to classes such as Medical Science and Clinical Neuroscience.
  4. “Whenever somebody says the word ‘rice,’ you automatically find yourself thinking ‘rest, ice, compression, elevation.’” –Claudia Anukam, graduate program
  5. You do manual muscle tests on literally everyone – roommates, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, Metz workers, people on the street.
  6. “You look at your friends’ hands when they hold a pen, and realize that it’s not proper grip.” –Mary Stephens, junior
  7. You just get really pumped up about adaptive equipment. Is there anything better than a sock aid?
  8. “When you start noticing people’s hands and fingers and see the different deformities and try to identify what the cause is and how it would affect ADLs.” –Emily Toothman, junior
  9. You make sure all of the computer desks at your office are ergonomically friendly.
  10. “I pin a million ideas on my OT Pinterest board!” –Carly Shean, sophomore
  11. You have three goniometers: one at home in your desk, one in your bag and a teeny-tiny one to measure smaller joints like fingers.
  12. “You take a long-handled reacher to Sam’s Club.” –Dr. David LeVan, assistant professor and director of the OT program
  13. You own more polo shirts than the average Panera worker.
  14. You will fight anyone to the death who thinks OT is the same thing as PT. That’s like comparing Superman ice cream to vanilla ice cream.
  15. “You play Memory and bake during class, all the while consciously aware of every movement that the activity demands.” –Jessi Viera, junior
  16. You spend a lot of time in the OT office in Morosky, hoping to catch a glimpse of Molly the Corgi.
  17. The lottery method of choosing field work placements is more vicious than the Hunger Games, in your opinion.
  18. “When you stay up late watching TLC and a show comes on about conjoined twins and you spend the entire episode trying to figure out what ADLs they would have trouble with and what you would do with them in therapy.” –Kayla Scully, senior and Student Occupational Therapy Association president
  19. “You’ve been asked, and have answered with a smile on your face, ‘So, what makes you different than PT’ more times than you can count.” –Jenny Cobler, graduate program
  20. You read articles about helping clients with bowel and bladder management. You know, for fun.
  21. You asked for a subscription to OT Practice magazine for Christmas.
  22. “You walk around with a fancy goniometer telling people you’re going to measure their range of motion ‘with this device.’” –Stephanie Baltes, junior
  23. “Your phone changes ‘OK’ to ‘OT.’” –Juliet Corrigan, sophomore
  24. “When I hear ‘SI’ and think it’s ‘sensory integration’ when, in fact, it’s Sports Illustrated or the sacro-iliac joint…” –Dr. Bernadette Hattjar, associate professor
  25. “You have a strong desire to help individuals restore function with a creative and adaptable approach to work!” –Erin Korn, junior