‘Freak’ out over ‘American Horror Story’

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Forget about changing leaves or Halloween. The main reason I’m excited for fall is the return of “American Horror Story.” This edgy show, a favorite among college students, returned for its fourth season on Wednesday. From what fans can gather, the show will focus on a traveling circus consisting of sideshow characters – or, as […]

Not-so-guilty pleasures

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Whether it’s that overpriced imported chocolate bar or a really trashy TV show, we all have something that we hate to enjoy, though not all of us admit it. Since when does liking something have to have an attached stigma? Why do we hate to love these things so much? Are we actually ashamed of […]

The Netflix binge

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Netflix. We all use it (if you don’t, you may not be a real person), and we all love it (see previous parenthesis). But how has Netflix changed the way that college students watch TV? Well, to begin, it allows them to actually stay current with their favorite shows. Let’s go back a few years […]

Trampled by the season

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The word(s): The (real) most wonderful time of the year November is my favorite month. For me, November means comfort food – mashed potatoes and gravy, apple pie, peppermint hot chocolate. It means fleece jackets and fuzzy toe socks and electric blankets. And with the biting chill of winter, November brings television sweeps, during which […]