My family has this tradition where every year we forget the cranberry sauce. Every year since I was six years old we have forgotten to put the cranberry sauce out for people to eat. It just sits in the refrigerator till someone sees it and then it is too late. This year will be different for many reasons.

One, I will not be going home for this Thanksgiving break. My family has decided to go on vacation to visit my aunt in Indiana and I am not able to go since Gannon’s break starts in the middle of the week.

The second reason is that my roommate can’t go home either since she is an international student, so we will be having our own dinner.

The third is that she is vegetarian so we are going to have a strictly vegetarian feast. So vegetarian lasagna and sweet potatoes it is. [So this year I am so gung-ho on not forgetting the cranberry sauce, it won’t happen this time. This is the year that I won’t forget the sauce. I am determined!]

Since I will not be going home I felt a bit bummed that I would not be with my family. Krima my roommate and I planned a spectacular break itinerary full of fun-filled activities that mostly relate to food.

We have on our agenda Sushi and Indian food and site-seeing. If any of you are staying on campus I would suggest going to Tandoori Hut for lunch – it is absolutely amazing and it’s a buffet style so, win-win.

We have decided to go antique (and regular) shopping on Friday. There are some amazing sales after Thanksgiving, and shopping is a great way to not only stop binge-watching Netflix this holiday season, but to experience the sacred tradition of post-thanksgiving shopping. The itinerary Krima and I have planned is the only thing keeping us from staying home and binge watching our lives away.

If any of you are staying for break I would suggest checking out some of the sites such as Presque Isle, and some of the local eating establishments. I would also suggest checking out the Erie Maritime museum. It is full of history about boats – and they have life sized replicas of sales, masts and beams!