Plymouth has a lot of history. Over the years it has endured many changes but still captures the same charm it had for centuries, attracting visitors of all ages.

At first read, most people would think I’m talking about the famous town of Plymouth, Mass. But any Erie native will instantly know I’m actually talking about The Plymouth Tavern.

The Plymouth Tavern is a local establishment on State Street between Eleventh and Twelfth Streets. It’s a popular restaurant by day and an equally popular hangout for the 21-and-over crowd at night.

While it may not be as old as the pilgrims, the Plymouth has history. According to their website, the three buildings that the tavern now occupies have been pharmacies, grocery stores, club halls, theatres and a supplier of mahogany coolers. All of them still remain in the form of food, drink, a good time and of the latter, the Plymouth’s two bars.

A lot of elements make he Plymouth one of Erie’s most popular places to be. First, great food at reasonable prices appeal to all, not just college students. Even if you don’t want to eat a full meal, there are lots of munchies, often on special (including two-for-one pizzas on Fridays) and popcorn or peanuts are always available for free.

Second, three buildings mean there’s a lot of space and a different environment for everyone. Sit at the bars and chat up the bartenders, friends or meet someone new. Grab a table or booth in the back and watch your favorite sports teams on one of several large flat-screen TVs. When the weather’s warmer, sit outside by the street or in the courtyard and enjoy the evening air. Or check out the upper deck, garden, or party room if you want something a little quieter or want enough space for your celebration.

Third, it’s accessible. Only a block from Jerry Uht Field and the Erie Playhouse and a few more from Gannon’s campus, The Plymouth Tavern is a great place to hang out before or after a game, a show or any time.

With an affordable and wide selection of food and drinks and plenty of room in the heart of Erie, The Plymouth Tavern has definitely made its place in Erie’s history.