The next time you’re listening to the radio in the Erie area, turn the dial to 90.5 FM. The melodious music playing through the speakers is the sound of Gannon’s own 3,000-watt radio station, WERG.

Established in 1972, WERG has changed its location, broadcast area, name and frequency multiple times, but has always brought contemporary, indie and alternative rock to the Erie area and beyond. WERG broadcasts throughout Erie County and into Ohio, New York and Canada. If you’re not in the area, you can listen on WERG’s website.

WERG isn’t just great entertainment, but also a fantastic learning tool. The station teaches students all aspects of radio production on industry-standard equipment. And all students are welcome to apply for their own shows, even if they aren’t communication arts majors.

So the next time you need some music, tune in to WERG to check out what Gannon and Erie are listening to.

See how Daniel A. Daube ‘84 took his career from WERG to an Emmy Award-winning management position with Turner Broadcasting.