After having gone to the cenotes on Tuesday, I wasn’t quite sure what would top such a cool day but Wednesday would bring more unique experiences and will be a day that stands out to me for the rest of my life. To begin the day we walked through the local markets that were very busy and a little chaotic. We saw all kinds of different fruits, spices, and some scenes that upset the stomachs of some of our members. After that a seafood lunch would put us into the rest of the day. Obviously I want to try something new ever chance I get so I tried stingray panuchas which were pretty good. 

      After our day in the market we were able to meet one of the local families in their home. For some quick background, I knew that most of my life my parents were sending money to sponsor a child through their education down in Mexico. When I found out that the trip I was going on was connected through the same mission as the one my parents were connected to, I could not believe that I was likely going to get the opportunity to meet Felipe and his family after all these years. They graciously accepted our group into their home and treated us with homemade flan which was very good as well as fresh watermelon juice. We got to know them for a while and they asked questions about our group. It was cool because one of the girls we had met before in one of the after school programs was apart of the family and could not be more excited to see her friends were back (some of the other girls in our group). We talked about music, movies, food, school, work, traveling, sports and various other topics. My family had sent me down with some gifts for their family and they had some for me to send back to my family. After a while, we said our goodbyes and had the rest of the evening to ourselves. We took the time to explore Merida, enjoying stopping by the fair for yet another night, and got food for a chill evening. Overall, it was a very good day.