This semester I get to spend some time at the brand new Hamot Women’s Hospital which just opened in January. I am doing my clinical there this semester for my Maternal-Child Nursing class which we shorten and call OB. I absolutely love the hospital – it’s phenomenal and I think it was worth the investment.

The hospital includes departments for gynecology, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care, postpartum (after delivery) and high risk pregnancies. The hospital’s theme goes along with Presque Isle so it is very serene and the colors scheme is blue, green and gold. Each floor has different Presque Isle-themed decorations, and they are all supplied with the state of the art equipment.

The NICU was my favorite floor when we toured last week. It is set up like a tree – infants in need of the most attention in the center. We got to see several babies, and they were all absolutely adorable. I have my first actual clinical this week and I am really excited for the experience. I won’t know which floor I will be on until the day of the clinical but the nurses are friendly and are ready to teach us.

I have waited for this clinical rotation since my freshman year because I have always loved babies and I think this is the field of nursing that interests me the most. This is what I could see myself making a career out of in the near future.

My other clinical is Healthy Restoration of Adults 1 and we are the main Hamot Medical Center. For the first three weeks we are on a cardiac floor and then we move to a medical surgery unit with pre- and post-surgical procedure patients. Throughout the weeks of this clinical we get to go to the cardiac catheterization lab, diabetes education and spend time with the wound nurse. Theses experiences are spread out through the semester.

I had my first clinical last week and it went really well. I had the sweetest patient, and I was extremely happy to help her. I got to change a wound, which I have never done before, and it was really interesting. The wound nurse came in and helped me through it step by step. I am excited to see what other neat things I will get to experience with this clinical later on in the semester.

Well that is all I have for now – stay tuned to find out how my experience at the new women’s hospital turns out!

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