“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh

1. Do I write Journalism Communications? Communications/Journalism? Journalism -Comm? Never mind I’ll just write J-Comm
2. Where are my headphones?! Aaaand they’re around my neck.
3. I guess I’ll just never leave the CCA (Center for Communication and the Arts).
4. Was the word count 300 or 500 on this piece? 400 seems like a safe bet.
5. I know there should be a comma somewhere in this sentence I just don’t know where.
6. Is it weird to call most of your professors by their first name?
7. Well at least my parents are listening to my radio show.
8. Is that what my voice really sounds like? Gross.
9. Maybe if I just tweak my voice a little … Now I sound like Darth Vader.
10. How many times will I hear the joke, “you’ve got a face for radio?”
11. Yes! For the hundredth time, I CAN get a job with this major.
12. Did I just make a joke about a font type?
13. We’re gonna need a bigger portfolio…
14. How did they film those scenes in “Birdman” in one shot? Seriously?
15. I get to watch TV as an assignment?
16. I better check the news for the 1000th time today.
17. Do I have to play my TV spot in front of the whole class?
18. I just checked my email. How do I have 50 unread messages?
19. There are lots of cool comm people. Clark Kent was a journalist and Peter Parker was a photographer.
20. Where did all my free time go? It was here a second ago.
21. It’s spelled Theatre. T-r-e. Not ‘t-e-r.’
22. Didn’t these analysts on ESPN ever take any speech classes? Mush mouth alert.
23. I can’t wait to watch all the Super Bowl commercials in class. The Game? Oh yeah. I guess that was good, too.
24. I suddenly have very strong opinions about who should win the Oscars in all the technical categories.
25. What was I doing? Oh yeah, getting more coffee.