Many people use the beginning of a new year to better themselves in one way or another. Setting a new year’s resolution can be a fun challenge, but it comes with great responsibility to hold true to this goal for an entire year. Normally I do not have a New Year’s resolution unless it’s something for kicks, like not drinking pop. If I try something more serious I normally fail before June. However, this holiday season I actually set a few goals I will really try to accomplish in 2013.

I decided to stick with smaller, short-term goals. I didn’t want the pressure of making a significant lifestyle change for an entire year. With this thinking I set five different goals for various aspects of my life, including one that I hope will strengthen my faith.

My first goal is to meet someone famous. I know it sounds dumb [Editor’s note: It isn’t.] but you never know what may happen. Hopefully it’ll be my first celebrity crush, Sandra Bullock. Second, I want to finish my last semester of college with a 4.0 GPA. I’ve done it before and I’m confident I can do it again if I truly dedicate myself to studying. Third, I want to be accepted into medical school. If I want to be a doctor, medical school is a must. So why not start that process this year, right? Fourth, I want to read the Bible cover to cover. While I’ve grown up reading bits and pieces of the Bible, I have yet to read the whole thing. I feel this would strengthen my faith, and I’m excited to see where the Bible will take me this year. Finally, I want to run a half marathon. In all honesty I want to be a healthier person all around, but I need to set a measurable goal to get the ball rolling.

This different approach to New Year’s resolutions may be the difference between failure and success. Small adjustments – like running regularly or reading my Bible daily – are much easier for me than changing my life with the flip of a switch. I just hope my intentions lead to a better lifestyle. Hope your holiday was as good as mine and that you can follow through on your own resolutions.

God Bless