Oh, the internet. It can be a source of great knowledge and inspiration. It can also be a great source for baby animal videos. According to Pew Research Center, 98% of all undergraduate students use the internet, have broadband at home and connect using Wi-Fi. That’s a lot of college students with access to the web.

While the internet is practically essential for research and completing a class in this day and age, many college students utilize the world wide web for recreational purposes. While I’m not condoning the use of the internet as a means of procrastination, I will say that the internet is a wonderful method of escapism when you need a break from the stresses of college life. I asked Gannon University students what their favorite websites or internet distractions are to find out what college students are looking up these days. Happy web surfing!

  1. Beauty Gurus

An alarming number of students I interviewed said they like to relax and watch makeup-based videos on Youtube in their free time. Popular vloggers like Zoella, Kandee Johnson, and NikkiTutorials were favorites among GU students. Even if you don’t personally wear makeup on a daily basis, there is something mesmerizing about seeing someone go from a blank face to a glowing goddess. Additionally, many of these beauty gurus offer tips on the best “drugstore” makeup – perfect for the makeup obsessed college student.

2. Buddha Board

Buddha Board is like the Zen cousin of Microsoft Paint. This website (and app!) allows you to doodle whatever you like–then watch as the doodle magically disappears. It’s a good metaphor for watching your stress evaporate away into oblivion. There’s also an equally relaxing “water droplet” mode with soothing music.

3. WatchMojo videos

If you’re a big movie buff, you’ve probably watched your fair share of WatchMojo videos on YouTube. These list-style videos countdown the best moments in cinematic history and have every topic imaginable. Standard lists include things like “Top 10 Movie Fights” or “Top 10 Movie Kisses,” but my personal favorite is “Top 10 Nicolas Cage Moments.” Definitely binge-worthy and good for when you’re on the hunt for a new flick to watch!

4. Report of the Week

Report of the Week is a food review YouTube channel led by the lovingly fan-named “Review Brah.” Every week, Review Brah dresses up in an ill-fitting suit and critiques the latest fast food or energy drink craze. There’s something endearing and wholesome about a scrawny kid with a Jersey accent giving you his opinions on the latest chicken wing flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings. Report of the Week has a huge following on Reddit and even his own podcast. Editors-in-chief Aaron Mook and Adam Miller are huge fans!

5. Buzzfeed Multimedia

Another overwhelming response submitted by students was Buzzfeed and all of its different categories. Buzzfeed is mostly known for its commentary on pop-culture and “listical” features. However, Buzzfeed also hosts many multimedia platforms, such as the ever-popular “Tasty” videos and web series “Try Guys.” Additionally, Buzzfeed also has absolutely amazing, albeit ridiculous, personality quizzes that suck you into the site. You know, in case you ever wanted to answer the age-old question, “Which Disney Princess Are You Based on Your Potato Preference?”