Al of us have some sort of bucket list – whether it is a list of things jotted down in a journal or a handful of goals written down on the back of a napkin.

I never really thought of a substantial list until now, it always been just a thought in the back of my head of what sounds cool to do before graduation. Seeing as I have two more years to accomplish these five things, I feel uneasy. Only two more years, that is basically minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I feel as though I must go into maximum overdrive to accomplish this small, but extensive list of life goals. Below is just a small amount of things I want to complete before I leave Gannon.

  1. Swim with sharks:

Sounds scary, but there are some sharks that are kind of friendly, like lemon or nursery sharks; basically the tame docile third cousin of Jaws. Lets face it all sharks are scary, but it would be a unforgettable experience petting or even getting within reaching distance to the water version of a pupper.

2. Travel to India and visit the temples:

I will offically be scratching this one off my list in June, I will be staying with my roommate for a month! I am beyond excited to be traveling to a different country and experiencing a whole new culture.

3. Eat two whole pounds of Spaghetti by myself:

I LOVE SPAGHETTI! Maybe it is because my whole family is Italian, but I absolutely love the idea of going to Italy and sitting down at a restaurant and being able to eat my body weight in pasta. I am sure my grandparents would be proud.

4. Learn how to navigate around Zurn without getting lost:

I am an English major, so my academic building is Palumbo, not Zurn. Truthfully I have never had a single class in Zurn; I have only been to the one lecture hall when they have movie nights. I did not even know they had a third floor until my roommate mentioned she had lab there. I was shocked. Hopefully in two years I will be a pro at navigating through Zurn… knowing me probably not.

5. Travel around the United States (Grand Canyon, Space Needle, Arizona):

Most of us have never left our region, let alone our own state. So I believe it is just as important to travel around the United States as it is to travel around the whole world. Being a person who has only been to like four states (the usual: Florida, California, Chicago, Ohio). I want to expand my travel to various destinations such as the Grand Canyon or Arizona or even Oregon. Each would be unbelievable and the food would be amazing (which is the only thing I really care about when traveling).