International Night: Decadent Food and Jaw-Dropping Talent

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Under one moon, Gannon University students and faculty, as well as Erie residents came together under Gannon University’s Hammermill center to celebrate unity with International Night. Wall to wall tables contained food from around the world with international talent to accompany. International night had my stomach filled with amazing food I had never even tried, […]

Nostalgia, Dancing, Friendship and Food at International Night

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If you ever wanted to travel the world in one day, Gannon’s annual International Night celebration is for you. Between the food, the music, and the company, International Night is always a favorite on campus. If food is something that brings you an immense sense of joy like it does me, then taste-testing different foods […]

Bucket List before Graduating

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Al of us have some sort of bucket list – whether it is a list of things jotted down in a journal or a handful of goals written down on the back of a napkin. I never really thought of a substantial list until now, it always been just a thought in the back of […]

10 Ways to Explore Other Cultures in Erie

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Being an international student myself, I know how important it is to identify with places that feel like home and to try new things. Therefore, we present you with 10 ways to explore many cultures and satisfy your soul, spirit and stomach while you’re at Gannon. 10. Visit Happy Garden Chinese restaurant. Erie may not […]