Gannon University Presents: SHREWD

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  No woman should ever to be forced to marry someone she does not want to. No woman should have to hold herself back for the sake of a man who is holding them down. No woman should be treated poorly just because she is not a man. So, what happens when a strong group […]

What I’ve Learned by Being a Musician

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      As an incoming freshman at Gannon University, I will be mixing my old experiences with new ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. As someone who has been a musician for about 7 years now, I figured I could be somewhat qualified enough to share some things that I have […]

Putting The Music In Gannon

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As a musician myself, I understand how crucial it can be for a University to offer a path for musicians. I think it is awesome that Gannon University now offers many different opportunities for its musically inclined students. From the concert band to the pep band, there is a place for everyone! Pursuing Performance at […]

Music Therapy for the Anxious College Student

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Maybe you’re studying for a test, maybe you’re getting ready for a first date, or maybe you’re just driving. Whatever it is that you’re doing when anxiety strikes, just know that there is a song out there that will be able to soothe your mind.    What is Music Therapy? Music therapy is the clinical […]