This week we take a look into the general chemistry lab with Jenna Matis, junior pre-med/chemistry major.

What is a typical day like for you at your job?
I prepare labs for the General Chemistry II classes and assist students with their labs. I typically make reagents, refills bottles and make sure all of the equipment is ready. I work with one other student.

What is your favorite part of your job?
 My favorite part of my work study is putting the things I learned in class into action.

How will your work study help you post graduation?
My work study will help me after graduation because it gives me hands-on experience that will be valuable once I start in the field.

How did you get your work study position? Was it an easy process?
The process for getting a work study job was really easy. I simply applied through the financial aid webpage.

Why would you recommend this job to future students?
 I recommend this job to future students because it is an easy way to earn some extra cash and it gave me a chance to implement everything I learned in class through hands-on experience.

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