This summer, I have the opportunity to work with kids at a summer camp. I will be a counselor at a beach camp which I am really excited about because I love the beach. But I also have a chance to go to a continent that I have never been to before. Actually, it is a continent most people have never been to. I am going to be a counselor at Camp Beach Antarctica.

Antarctica is a continent known for its fun beach activities. Don’t let the cold fool you, Antarctica has really nice beaches. That is why there is a huge summer camp for kids ages five through sixteen to got to just to participate in summer beach activities.

Because I am so excited I am already planning what I am going to take! I will bring a swimsuit because I love the ocean. I can’t forget my goggles either. I need to bring sunscreen because you will need to protect yourself from the scorching sun. I heard it is so hot that it feels like you are freezing to death so it sounds like it is necessary to bring it. I will bring many t-shirts and shorts because I don’t want to feel that weird burning to death but feeling oddly cold sensation.

But most of all I am excited for the activities.

The best part about Antarctica’s beaches is its sand. It might not feel like sand. It might be very wet sand. And cold sand. But I assure you that it is sand. I cannot wait to suntan in the white, cold, wet sand. I hear that the tans you get at the beach cause you to have this white frozen color, but I like a nice tan so I will enjoy it.

I also want to go surfing. Surfing is a favorite pastime among the locals who seem to do it everyday. Only you do not need a surfboard to surf at Camp Beach Antarctica. You just use your stomach. You slide down the frozen ocean and that is how you surf. Or as the locals say, “Quaaaak!” I forgot to mention that when I am not in my swimsuit, I will wear black and white as well as orange flippers so I look just like the locals. I also plan to eat fish with the locals since they eat a lot of fish. Quaaak!


We also have beach volleyball games. But we play a different version of it. Instead of trying to keep the ball up in the hear and get the other team to miss the ball, we actually do not have a ball to start with. We make them out of the sand and we throw them at people. It is kind of like a snowball fight but with white, watery, cold sand. It is much more fun that way.

Camp Beach Antarctica is a summer camp filled with summer fun, and I cannot wait to be a counselor there. Don’t worry, I won’t get sunburn. It says it in the brochure. Nobody has ever gotten sunburn at camp beach Antarctica? Doesn’t this sound like the best summer camp ever?