If you’re reading this – my last blog entry – I want to thank you.

You, the prospective college student making your way through the maze of postcards, packets and emails sent to you by colleges across all 50 states, have chosen to visit us here at Edge. By visiting us, you’ve confirmed the belief that I’ve held for more than four years now.

Gannon is a special place.

I started working for Gannon’s Office of Admissions three years ago, writing a short blog series called the “I Am…” blog project. Zach Flock, Gannon’s e-marketing coordinator and now the Edge magazine advisor, asked me early in my sophomore year to pilot the series. Our goal was simple: to give Gannon’s programs of study a friendly face rather than just a page full of facts and figures. I immediately jumped on board. Knowing how much I was enjoying my time as a student I wanted to help others find a place they would love just as much.

While the “I Am…” series came to an end, it set the wheels in motion on a new project. What was better than one blogger writing about Gannon through her eyes? A whole staff of students writing about every aspect of Gannon that a prospective student could want to know as they search for the door to their future.

Enter Edge.

Ever since Edge’s creation, I’ve made it my goal – both as assignment editor last year and now as editor-in-chief – to provide relevant information for you during this crucial time in your high school career.

You see, Edge itself is a lot like you. Just like you, Edge has been growing and developing over the past two years (well, you’re older than two… so you’ve got one up on us). We started publishing only two pieces of new content every week – but with only a handful of staff members, even that seemed like a lot. As the months passed, we started to find our stride, adding new writers and features like student surveys and even videos.

Just the same as you adding new classes and activities to your high school transcript, Edge has been building bit by bit to prepare students for college.

Today, we publish content nearly every day. We’ve even expanded to include collaboration projects with The Gannon Knight and 90.5 WERG.

To be here and witness these transitions and transformations has been nothing short of amazing for me. Like I said, I love Gannon, and my goal has always been the same. I want to help students find a place they love just as much.

My time at Edge is coming to a close, but I’m so happy to be able to say I was a part of this project. It’s been one of the best experiences of my college career, and one that I’ll carry with me long after I graduate next month.

I have a wonderful staff to work with this year. My amazing friend – and roommate – Chelsey Klube is our copy editor. Her knowledge of AP style and quickness to cut exactly to the point in telling me exactly how off I can be has kept Edge on track since she began writing for the publication last year. Tyler Babcock, Edge’s assignment editor, never stops amazing me at the progress he’s made as a writer and editor. He’s a nursing major and takes time out of his busy schedule at Hamot Medical Center to work for us. I have big hopes for him next year. Carly Lyons is a wonderful photographer and friend who willingly took on my favorite role from last year — social media editor. Fellow theatre-lover Kathleen Cahill’s creativity, bright smile and friendly demeanor always brought up the mood at staff meetings. Brainstorm sessions with all of them were the highlight of my weeks (and since our meetings are on Fridays, that’s saying a lot. If it were up to me, I’d give you all the sparkling CD of Awesomeness award).

I want to thank you once again for visiting Edge. You’re the reason we started this publication and will continue to be the driving force behind everything we do.

Good luck!


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