Is love or isn’t it?

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                With Fringe Fest Erie 2014 just on the horizon, we thought it important to introduce Gannon students and prospective readers alike to some of the fantastic featured performances taking place throughout March. This being the case, I’ve decided to take a look at a show I feel […]

Dramashop’s second mainstage show opens

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Good things come in threes: the Trinity, the Stooges and the cast of “Copenhagen.” Named for its setting in Denmark’s capital, this drama explores the very conversation that converted atomic power to a war force. The spare cast is certainly a challenge for the actors. Each character has roughly 45 minutes of lines to memorize, […]

Dramashop: Theater in process

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This excerpt was from an article by former Edge contributor Alex Bieler, ’11, originally published in the Erie Reader on Apr. 1, 2013. It’s a chilly Tuesday night, one of those unsurprising Erie evenings when the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the average person’s wishes. Luckily, I’m indoors, where the room is warm and the […]

Undergraduate admissions taking unique approach for recruitment

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Recent news has indicated that colleges across the country are looking into new indicators, such as leadership, for admitting high school seniors into their programs. But at Gannon University, the undergraduate admissions office is taking a different approach to recruiting the students it needs. Director of Undergraduate Admissions Terry Kizina said that the office is […]

Hipp House Demo Makes Room for Residence Hall

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The saying goes, “Out with the old, and in with the new.” Well, that’s exactly what we’re saying here at Gannon this week. Demolition is currently under way at the Hipp Faculty House near the site of the new residence hall (visible in the background). Although it’s sad to see a piece of Gannon history […]

GUEST BLOG: Edge Advisor Salutes Grads, Welcomes New Editors

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It’s a bittersweet weekend at Gannon as we say goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2011. Goodbyes are hard, but it’s exciting to see our newest graduates moving eagerly to the next phase of their lives. Gannon graduates do big things, and I’m sure this class will be no exception. As the advisor […]

Eternal Sunshine Approaches Dusk

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If you’re reading this – my last blog entry – I want to thank you. You, the prospective college student making your way through the maze of postcards, packets and emails sent to you by colleges across all 50 states, have chosen to visit us here at Edge. By visiting us, you’ve confirmed the belief […]

Learn to Teach: Preparing for a Journey to “Oz”

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Welcome back to my blog! As some of you know, in addition to teaching, I’m also involved with Gannon’s theater productions. For every production at our Schuster Theatre, there is a day devoted to that particular show: we call this “Tech Day.” Tech Day is usually from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Saturday […]