It’s a bittersweet weekend at Gannon as we say goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2011. Goodbyes are hard, but it’s exciting to see our newest graduates moving eagerly to the next phase of their lives. Gannon graduates do big things, and I’m sure this class will be no exception.

As the advisor to Edge, I get to work closely with a team of young adults who are passionate about Gannon.  They’re dedicated to helping high school students through the daunting task of finding the right college. They’re here at Edge because they care and because they want to help you, our loyal followers.

As we wrap up another great year, I want to acknowledge the hard work of our graduating editors. Put simply, Edge wouldn’t exist without them. They are:

Kathleen Cahill. In the past two years as a contributor, blog editor and assistant editor, Kathleen has worked very hard for Edge. She approaches life – and writing – with creativity and humor. If you haven’t read her blog about life as a theatre and communication arts major, check it out. It’s a great read.

Nicole Dohoda. Before Edge launched, Nicole was Gannon’s first blogger. The success of her blog was one of the reasons Edge started – so that current students could share their experiences from Gannon with you. As editor-in-chief, Nicole helped develop Edge into the dynamic site it is today.

Chelsey Klube. Chelsey has a ridiculous (and incredibly useful) knowledge of A.P. style. She’s done an outstanding job as copy editor, fighting countless battles against the dreaded Oxford comma and the like. Chelsey was instrumental in launching the many blogs we now publish on Edge every week.

Joe Kreydt. As one of the founding members of Edge, Joe’s creative input and awesome video-editing skills allowed us to do some really cool things. Joe can edit a video faster and better than anybody I’ve ever met. We’ve all learned a lot from him. And, he’s had some of the best one-liners in the office.

Carly Lyons. Anyone can take a picture, but Carly’s got a truly great eye for photography. Her photos add dimension to Edge and showcase life at Gannon in unique, colorful and artistic ways. She’s done an incredible job with 1,000 Words. I hope Carly will continue to send some great shots our way.

While these five will be sorely missed, they’ve been working hard to hand Edge off to five equally dedicated  underclassmen (a.k.a. Edge: The Next Generation):

  • Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief
  • Sarah Sgro, managing editor
  • Matt Kridel, assistant editor
  • Keefer Kopco, video editor
  • Allison Kessler, photo editor / assistant video editor

I’m confident that our new editorial board will continue to bring you the same insightful, high-quality content you’ve come to expect from Edge. They’ve been in your shoes before, and they know what you’re going through. They’ve got your back, and they’ll help you in any way they can as you search for the college that’s right for you.

From all of us at Edge, have a safe and happy summer – and come visit us some time.