GUEST BLOG: Edge Advisor Salutes Grads, Welcomes New Editors

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It’s a bittersweet weekend at Gannon as we say goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2011. Goodbyes are hard, but it’s exciting to see our newest graduates moving eagerly to the next phase of their lives. Gannon graduates do big things, and I’m sure this class will be no exception. As the advisor […]

College Search 101: Editors Offer Advice

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May is upon us, and it’s the end of our school year here at Gannon. We decided to do things a little differently for our final College Search 101. We thought the bulleted list was nice, but that it would be even better to get some first-hand opinions from our editorial board about the most […]

The Joe Show: How “Mad Men” and College Classes Intersect

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Recently, one of my friends and I have been watching Mad Men. It’s a show about the advertising business in the early 1960s in New York City. It’s phenomenal. We’ve been renting the DVDs at Gannon’s library; you can take out movies for free! I’m a communication arts major, so I learn about the advertising […]

VIDEO: Gannon’s ASL Students Listen with Their Eyes

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Gannon offers two American Sign Language (ASL) courses, each worth three credits. In the first course, students learn 300 to 500 signs. They also learn about ASL culture. The second course offers an advanced vocabulary of signs, detailed ASL grammar, advanced culture and major emphasis on expressive signing. Check out the 30 second demo below, […]

The Joe Show: Behind the Scenes of Edge Videos

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I’m usually behind the scenes of the Edge videos. I write scripts, do camera work and edit many of the videos. Editing takes a lot longer than anyone would think. I’m always bad at judging how long it’ll take. I say I’ll be able to edit in an hour and it takes me three. The […]

Inside Gannon: Waldron Campus Center

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Wonder where GU students gather to eat, study and hang out between classes? Check out the video below as Edge contributor David Reichard takes you inside the Waldron Campus Center, the heart of Gannon’s campus. Check out other videos here. David has a new blog, Learning to Teach: Inside Education.

The Joe Show: Watching Movies in Class

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You may know I’m a communications major. That means I learn all about the mass media (TV, newspapers, advertisements, etc). Currently, I’m in a class that also has a lot of history and political science majors. The class is titled “History through Film.”

Student Voices: No Winter Blues for Gannon Guides

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It’s true, Erie winters are often cold and snowy, but Gannon students make the best of it! Nobody knows our campus better than the Gannon Guides, the dedicated students who give tours to visiting families like yours.  They know how to fend off the winter blues. So, we asked them how they get through the […]

The Joe Show: The Wisdom of Santayana and Punxsutawney Phil

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“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” —George Santayana So far, in Erie, we’ve had a fairly light winter. The week before winter break ended, I was expecting to go snowboarding at Mount Pleasant (only about 30 minutes from Erie) a […]

LAN Parties Intrigue Editor – And Not Just For the Pizza

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When I came to Gannon, I found out we have a student chapter of the worldwide Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM. Upon hearing the name, I decided the club wasn’t for me. I assumed it was a club based on designing computer software and hardware. I was right – but there’s much more to […]