The Joe ShowI’m usually behind the scenes of the Edge videos. I write scripts, do camera work and edit many of the videos.

Editing takes a lot longer than anyone would think. I’m always bad at judging how long it’ll take. I say I’ll be able to edit in an hour and it takes me three. The weird thing about it, though, is that it really only seems like an hour; if that.

Editing is basically meditating.

We’ve developed a pretty solid system for creating content on Edge. First, the Edge staff meets to talk about ideas. We also have a bulletin board and a Facebook page where ideas can be posted. These ideas are discussed, assignment sheets are written, and we get working.

When doing video, an audio/video script is written. This script is usually read and changed several times before filming day.

When we’re ready to film, we do most or all of the filming that the script calls for in one day. Filming is great; we get to see bloopers as they happen. When shooting for the Waldron video, the microphone got turned off, and we didn’t notice until some of the scenes were already shot. We had to do them all over. It was a bummer at the time, but it’s really funny thinking back – and we learned our lesson about microphones. Re-shooting the scenes went a lot quicker, because we knew exactly what to do. In some cases, we realize we need more b-roll during the editing process so we got to go out and do a bit more filming.

It’s a daunting task, but once I get started it’s almost like I’m in a trance. A few of the editors watch the rough edit a couple of times, and then many changes are made. Finally, when we’re all satisfied with the video, it’s sent off to a couple people who give it the okay to be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Finally, we post it on Edge for you to watch and discuss!

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