What’s happening at Gannon? Students talk to Edge Magazine about what they’re learning in classes and clubs in Gannon Goings-On.

Catie Strout

Freshman, Physician’s Assistant

Strout is taking her first psychology class at Gannon. “I’ve been very interested to learn about how many different aspects of our lives are affected simply by the way we think about things.” Psychology really makes you think! (Pun intended.)

Zach Hyman

Sophomore, Theatre and Communication Arts

“In my Shakespeare and Performance class, we have to memorize a sonnet and pick a location in downtown Erie to recite it for the class. Essentially, the whole class is going to be walking around downtown performing Shakespeare in locations conducive to their interpretation of the text. I think that is so cool.”

Samantha Griswold

Junior, Journalism and Communication Arts

Griswold is taking a features writing class with the head of the journalism department, Frank Garland. “We had to write four different feature articles this semester. Garland basically gives us free reign on topics, so I have been able to incorporate a lot of my other interests into this class. For the final, I’m writing about modern-day feminism and how society still cringes at the word ‘feminism’ because of the unwarranted, negative connotation it has. I have always had an interest in woman’s studies and I’m so glad I get to expound upon that in this piece.”

Nick Sobina

Senior, Accounting

“This year I have had the opportunity to work as an intern at a local church here in Erie. I do bank reconciliations to make sure the books are up to date and recorded properly and assist with payroll. I also spent significant time organizing their files and updating their financial records. This has been a great experience because it allows me to actually put to use the skills I have learned in classes and apply them in real world situations.”

Taylor Russell

Senior, Sports and Exercise Science

“In my motor development class I’m learning about different developmental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and dementia. We learned about early development and how we develop over time and the different phases we go through. These phases include rolling over to crawling to sitting up and to standing and then walking. We learned about different skills and what proficient looks like in hopping, leaping, skipping, etc.” Russell notes that she liked this class because she can relate it to her job at Hamot, where she works with people with development disorders.”

Victoria Quagliana

Senior, Social Work

One class Quagliana is really enjoying this term is Ethical and Social Responsibility. “We are constantly using critical thinking skills and knowledge of our own studies and profession to guide our decisions on the ethical dilemma or scenario we are provided with. The class is mostly discussions, with reflection papers supporting our ideas. I really like this class because I get the opportunity to do a lot of reflecting and problem solving on a broad range of topics.”

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