We’ve heard a lot about what students are doing that they find interesting in classes and clubs, but what are teachers enjoying about their classes this semester? Gannon Goings-On has the scoop!

Dr. Aaron Kerr, Philosophy Professor

“My ethics class is finishing up their course by reading Nancy Sherman’s After War. In this course, we have explored how economics, war, globalization and politics inter-face to give us a sense of ‘what is going on’ in culture and society. We then have to ask ‘What is the proper response?’ One proper response seems to be Sherman’s understanding that war results in the need for what she calls ‘moral repair’ for both soldiers and civilians.” Kerr includes that this class also has to do a short video project on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, in which they interview their peers about the environmental crisis and offer some responses that can help all of us to live into our moral obligations as global citizens who appreciate the inter-connected answers to the current moral situation.

Jax Vadney, Schuster Theatre Technical Director

Vadney is currently teaching two different introductory theatre classes”Right now I am teaching Scene Technology as well as teaching Theatre and Culture for the first time. I am very excited about seeing students as they have progressed through the semester, both learning about how to create the world of play in Scene Technology as well as learning about the art of theatre in Theatre and Culture.” Scene Technology teaches students the fundamentals of technical theatre such as lighting, costuming, and stagecraft, while Theatre and Culture gives students and in-depth background of the art.
David Blaetz, Communications Professor
“As the Fall semester winds down, the students in Digital Audio Production are winding up to produce their final editing project, The Five Second DJ. They conceptualize and produce a sixty second, high energy radio promo for a university radio station whose format happens to only play the student’s favorite styles and choices of music. This project incorporates song editing, voice over recording, sound effects, precise editing technique and file mastering into a fast paced station promo that I’m told is one of the class’s favorite assignments.”
Steven Ropski, Director of Science Program
“In my First Year Seminar we have been discussing miracles and how (if possible) you can define them. That segued into whether or not the Big Bang Theory or Virgin Mary appearances to folks in various parts of the world are miracles. Additionally, with the conference going on in Paris, my EBE class has looked at climate change including attendance at a recent lecture discussing how it could impact Erie.”
Alaina Manchester, Theatre Professor
Lazarus Laughed auditions are December 3rd and 4th  at 5pm. Lazarus Laughed is an exploration of what could have happened upon Lazarus’ return from the grave using mask work, physical exploration, stage combat, and vocals to create a unique, audience participation theatrical event. In Theatre and Culture, students are composing an original theatrical piece about the moments in life when we choose to fear the other. These vignettes center around the character of “Jerry” who is not seen until the end of the piece and incorporates excerpts from the spoken word poem “Shake the Dust” by Anis Mojgani.”
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