“Ugh,” I think to myself, “not another Singing Valentine.”

I was finalizing the Mixed Chorus’ annual fundraising project for the past three hours and was just ready to be done. Nevertheless, I pulled out my phone, and checked the number and location – mobile, AL.

I bolted for the door.

Last weekend I interviewed with the Clinical/Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of South Alabama. I met lots of intelligent and enthusiastic people, enjoyed some balmy weather, and ate great seafood, not to mention possibly influenced an enormous part of my future.

Admission decisions were to be made the following Thursday, and Thursday had finally arrived.

As I made my way out into the (quieter) lobby of the theatre, I tentatively answered the phone. I heard a familiar voice on the other end of the line; it was Ryan McDermott Ph.D., my preferred research advisor. After the usual pleasantries, he said the magic words I was hoping to hear:

“We would like to offer you admittance….”

Much of the rest is a blur, with the exceptions of “ready to be a psychologist,” and “warmth,” and “you’re awesome.” All I knew was, the hours and months of finding schools, applying to schools, and waiting on schools had finally been realized.

I haven’t made my final decision, but I have until April to do so. I have options though, and that is a very satisfying feeling to have.

It may be hard to see the finish line, especially as a freshman, but the hard work is always worth it. When you are finally at the end, and looking back at the beginning, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come.