It may not be the place where one expects to get a lot of reading done. You likely don’t really think of hanging around a bathroom to read, unless of course, your class is pretty boring. However, this is the exact the purpose of the Gannon Counseling Center’s “Potty Press,” a monthly publication designed to make campus aware of the work that the Counseling Center, Active Minds and the Psychology department do.

“The Potty Press” features short articles on a variety of topics relating to mental health and well-being that are written by students and staff members of the counseling center. Topics that have been covered so far include homesickness, bullying and not hesitating to ask for help. Students who have visited the counseling center have written short articles on seeking help in the form of counseling and how it has impacted their life. Many articles focus on reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues and being open about getting help when needed.

Each issue of “The Potty Press” includes contact information for the Counseling Center and its staff. Use of these contacts is completely anonymous, as are all sessions in the center. The Counseling Center is located in the basement of the Harborview Apartments, inside the Health Center.