GU Speak: Potty Press

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It may not be the place where one expects to get a lot of reading done. You likely don’t really think of hanging around a bathroom to read, unless of course, your class is pretty boring. However, this is the exact the purpose of the Gannon Counseling Center’s “Potty Press,” a monthly publication designed to […]

GU Speak: The Knight Club

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On the quiet little corner of Fourth and Sassafras streets is Gannon’s latest enterprise: The Knight Club. Contrary to what out-of-towners may think, the Knight Club does not have bouncers or obnoxious techno music resonating from the inside out. It’s actually a new on-campus hangout located in the space previously occupied by One Green World […]

GU Speak: Presque Isle

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While Gannon’s setting is urban, the great outdoors are just a short distance away. Presque Isle, the sandy peninsula that extends into Lake Erie, is one of the most aesthetic places that you’ll find close to campus. Not only does PI have 13 beaches, it’s also a great place to go biking, rollerblading, boating and […]

GU Speak: Meet me at Doc’s

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Gannon’s Beyer Hall cafeteria is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a hot buffet-style meal. But since most students have hectic schedules, Doc’s Landing is a good alternative. Doc’s has every grab-and-go item you can imagine: fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches, soups, pizza, drinks, snacks and desserts. Doc’s also has a trusty fry cook […]

GU students get the good kind of PaperCut

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Just the thought of a paper cut is enough to make most people cringe. But in the context of Gannon, the thought of a paper cut should give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. PaperCut is Gannon’s new print management system. Before, the only way to print anything was to either have a printer in your […]

Springing into warm weather with Springtopia

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As the weather warms up, students begin to migrate outside, looking for ways to enjoy spring. The Activities Programming Board (APB) is here to help. Springtopia is an annual event hosted by APB to celebrate the beginning of spring and the end of the school year. Different activities are held throughout the week to give […]

GU Speak: Get Rec’d

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On a normal day, the Carneval Athletic Pavilion is flooded with students feverishly attempting to ward off that college weight gain. However, St. Patrick’s Day is not a normal day. Every year around St. Patrick’s Day, KnightLIFE hosts Get Rec’d. The event gives students the opportunity to win prizes, play fun games and socialize with […]

GU Speak: The Knight Rider

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When people hear the words “Knight Rider,” they may think of David Hasselhoff and a car with artificial intelligence. Used in the context of Gannon University, however, those words mean something quite different.

GU Speak: What is GUXpress?

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For college students, time management is very important. So it’s essential that they know where to find things when they are looking for them, especially information pertaining to school. One of the first places Gannon students look when they need information about books, classes or events is GUXpress. Along with the myGannon portal and Angel […]

GU Speak: MidKnight Pancake Breakfast

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If you sit in the library the Sunday right before finals week, you can hear a symphony of sounds: pencils scratching, pages turning, keys clicking and stomachs rumbling. Wait, stomachs rumbling? How are students supposed to study when all they can think about is food? Have no fear, Gannon students! The administration has risen to […]