It’s no secret that I’m kind of nerdy. I’m relatively smart, interested in science fiction and theatre, and I read all the Harry Potter books. Yet even with all my inherent nerdiness, I managed to achieve a new level of nerddom.

I got locked in the library.

It was a dark and stormy night… OK, not dark and stormy, but it was night, and it was about to get a lot darker. I was sitting in a study room on the second floor, preparing for my microbiology test when I noticed the lights beginning to shut off. My immediate thought was a power outage, but then I realized the terrible truth: the library was closing.

I hurriedly packed my things, but by the time I stood up to leave, all the lights had gone out. Using my phone as a flashlight, I began to make my way downstairs. I approached the doors, arms outstretched, freedom within reach… only to find that the doors had been locked. I called campus security, and they arrived a few minutes later to let me out.

Suffice to say, I was thoroughly embarrassed, and my friends were thoroughly amused.

My getting locked in the library could be attributed to a devotion to education – comparable to an environmentalist chaining himself to a tree – but it is rather the opposite. It’s ironic because, while the scenario may portray me as the ever-diligent student, rarely do I study in the library or that late on Saturdays. Not only was I oblivious to the closing time, but my noise-isolating headphones and position in the study room prevented me from hearing any of the warnings over the intercom.

So what’s the moral of the story? Well, there really isn’t one. But I’d like to think it’s this: Good students study in the library. Great students study in the library on the weekend.

The best (or perhaps nerdiest) students get locked in.

Matt 🙂

The Nash Library isn’t just a great place to study (during regular hours). It also houses the multimedia and TV production studios. Read more here.