How would you like to have the “Mona Lisa” for lunch – Or the artist, Van Gogh himself? Of course I’m not talking about eating a priceless painting, or a long-deceased artist. (Both of which are extremely illegal!) I am talking about two of the masterpieces at Picasso’s: The Art of Food.

Picasso’s is a local sandwich shop created around the theme of art and artists. Originally located near the Millcreek Mall, Picasso’s opened a second location in Perry Square at the end of this summer, in what was the former home of Steel 12 restaurant. What sets Picasso’s apart from other local sandwich shops is not just the incredible food served there, but the entire experience of Picasso’s itself.

As you walk in your senses capture the smell of food, the paintings and pictures on the walls created by local artists, and what is most eye-catching are the paint palette shaped tables you can draw on with chalk while you wait for your food. Step on up to the register, but only after you’ve taken the time to consider the 14 signature sandwiches, the four gourmet mac-and-cheese options, or the countless potential “Self-Portrait” options when creating your own sandwich.

The staff is more than happy to help you decide if you’re having trouble, because, truly, it is not an easy task. Common suggestions for a first-time customer include the bizarre “Kinnane,” (peanut butter, bacon and apple) the most popular “Mona Lisa,” (turkey, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, Havarti cheese, and pesto mayo) or the most well-known, which even appeared on The Late Show, the “Lee Roslyn” (Twinkie, ham and cheddar cheese.)

Whichever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. With all that Picasso’s has to offer, it is almost certain that this new student “fave” will draw you back again and again.