To no one’s surprise, I recently finished a show – “The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Hellman. I played Martha, one of two teachers involved in a scandal at a boarding school in the 1930s.

During one of the performances, I said my last spiel and I left the stage in a state of crazy because (spoiler alert) my character commits suicide. I head back to the girls’ dressing room and hear giggling from down the hall. It was surprising, especially coming from the guys’ dressing room. There are only two guys in the show, and the noise coming from that room was so loud I thought they were hosting a party.

So I waltz into their dressing room and told them if they were going to be loud that they should have the decency to shut the door. While I was saying this, I attempted to show them how to close a door and in the process, I slammed my hand. There was instant bruising and a silent yelp. (That’s right, I can be quiet.) It’s not like I couldn’t breathe or anything. I just chose not to make a sound.

I think we all learned our lessons: Be quiet while the show is going on. And doors bite, so watch how you close them!