Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ears or head when no external source is present, often a ringing or buzzing. “10itus” is a playlist of ten songs that we’re buzzing about on campus. This week’s list is the current favorites of the Edge staff. Here’s why we love them:

Sarah Sgroeditor-in-chief: “Vegas” by Sara Bareilles
I found this song by accident the other night. Sara Bareilles has always been a favorite of mine and something about this song just spoke to the way I’ve been feeling lately. I also love the feeling of a live recording- it’s almost like being at a concert, except it’s cheaper and there’s no discomfort from standing for a thousand hours.
April Shernisky, managing editor: “Daylight” by Maroon 5
I’ve had “Daylight” playing on repeat the last few weeks. I’m still mourning the fact that Maroon 5 isn’t making any stops in Pittsburgh or Cleveland on their Overexposed tour.
Keefer Kopcomultimedia editor: “Innocence” by Airborne Toxic Event
The opening is one of the most amazingly epic pieces of music I’ve heard. I love listening to it when I’m riding my bike or walking around Erie. It very much makes me feel like my story is going on.
Allison Kesslerassistant multimedia editor: “Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz is the man. The melodies are soothing after a long day of running around. All of his songs are sensual. And I like songs that have an equal balance of vocal and instrumentation and this song is one of them.
Matt Kridel, special features editor: “Broadway, Here I Come” by Joe Iconis feat. Jeremy Jordan
This song is from one of my favorite TV shows, “Smash.” A great thing about this show – besides the fact that it’s about Broadway – is that it features fantastic songs written just for the musicals the characters are creating in the show. The upbeat melody and powerful lyrics in this song are all brought together by the amazing vocals of Jeremy Jordan.
Michael Haas, social media editor: “Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake
JT is back. This song is fantastic, combines a bit of fun with two great things (suits and ties), and even features Jay Z! What more could you ask for?
Khadija Djellouli, contributor: “Hallelujah” by Paramore
I think it speaks to me more now than the last time I listened to it because, to me, the song is an anthem for those who have a lot of chaos in their life, but the song has a positive outlook and it says don’t give up, we need to get through all of the bad things that may happen to us, and in the end we’ll come out stronger.
Mary Kate Carroll, contributor: “anywayican” by Walk the Moon
It’s a fun, catchy, and upbeat! It’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head while you’re taking that tough exam.
Jake Slease, contributor: “Like Rock and Roll and Radio” by Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs
I like how soft this song is. It’s the perfect style of song that you can have running and forget about it, but all of a sudden the song hits you.
Zak Westfall, contributor: “Right Me Up” by State Radio
I have been listening to all of State Radio’s songs but this song exemplifies why the best. This song is a mix of reggae and rock; it’s kind of Alternative Reggae. This music really helps me relax, and as many of us experienced, last week was a rough week. It seemed like all the tests piled up at once and this song and this band really helped me just relax and de-stress throughout the week.