Playlist: Sounds of the Edge Office

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Ah, the Edge office – she is a merciless beast. Much like the sea, she giveth and taketh away (deadlines and content ideas, respectively). Okay, so it’s really not bad at all, and I don’t know why I’m talking like a sea captain, but things can get stressful around here! Anytime one of us is […]

Edge Playlist: Springtime Overload

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    Boy, do I have a good one for you this time, folks. Last year, I gave you a playlist for the season, simply titled: “Spring!” This time around I went a little weirder with the song selection to give you as much of those springtime good vibes as possible. The result is 10 […]

Playlist: Spoken Word

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We recently published a piece here at Edge about local poet Bigg Wash and his album release show. After listening to the album I started thinking about spoken word and all the ways it can be utilized.  Lover of playlists that I am, I embarked down a rabbit hole in search of interesting and varied […]

Playlist: Feels Like Summer

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This playlist is inspired by music that makes you want to take a back road, roll the windows down and let the wind blow through your hair. If you’re itching for some good country tunes to keep your summer vibe alive, this playlist is perfect for you. “Some Beach” – Blake Shelton I find that […]

PLAYLIST: Summer Road Trip

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For those in the adventurous summer spirit like myself, a road trip may be in the works for you. Here are some tunes to get you from Point A to Point B so you can skillfully avoid talking about Kate Middleton’s second royal baby with anyone in the car who feels the need to discuss […]

PLAYLIST: Cozy winter tunes

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Don’t get the doldrums of winter get you down. When it gets this cold, curling up under a blanket with a good book and some coffee or hot chocolate is a perfect cure. Or, since life is hectic, staying warm and comfortable while doing homework could be a form of sanctuary from the cold. Enjoy this […]

PLAYLIST: Wake up and get going

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Mornings aren’t very pleasant for me. I’m usually blindly rummaging around my room looking for shoes and the closest pair of sweatpants, tripping over backpacks and piles of clothes, before stumbling out the door on my way to class. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, getting up for an 8 a.m. is awful. I feel your pain.” […]

PLAYLIST: The wonder of fall

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Fall is, as the Germans say, a time of “wonderblitzen” (flashes of wonder). In fact, if fall isn’t your favorite season, I probably don’t trust you very much. Here I have compiled a playlist of my fall favorites to help get you in the mood for colored leaves and hoodie weather. Relax to the sound […]

Now playing: 10itus, Edge’s new ear candy

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Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ears or head when no external source is present, often a ringing or buzzing. “10itus” is a playlist of ten songs that we’re buzzing about on campus. This week’s list is the current favorites of the Edge staff. Here’s why we love them: Sarah Sgro, editor-in-chief: “Vegas” by Sara […]