Boy, do I have a good one for you this time, folks. Last year, I gave you a playlist for the season, simply titled: “Spring!” This time around I went a little weirder with the song selection to give you as much of those springtime good vibes as possible. The result is 10 of my favorite dance-y electronic tracks to get you all hyped up for the great weather ahead. There are some weird ones in here and after much laboring over the correct track order (I take the flow of playlists very seriously), I give you Springtime Overload. Check it out.

  1. FloriDada – Animal Collective

We’ll start with the weirdest and the most upbeat of the bunch. This is straight off of Animal
Collective’s new album from this year. It’s goofy. It’s repetitive. But you can’t hear it without cracking a smile, and everyone could use a good smile.

2. Life on the Nickel – Foster the People

From the same band that brought you Pumped Up Kicks (that summer song from a few years ago that seemed like it was everywhere for the longest time), this one has some serious percussion to it. It has a driving beat that makes you want to move and a ridiculously catchy hook. Let the good times roll.

3. Black Lemon – the Generationals

I have no clue what that song title is about. But I do know that this song is as indie as they get. That almost corny electronic flute sound and those pounding drums somehow work pretty well and give off some serious sunny day vibes. Enjoy some nonsense lyrics and some fun electronic sounds.

4. War Zone – JR JR

Ah, JR JR (formerly Dale Earnheardt Jr. Jr.), one of my favorite indie bands. They have a knack for catchy pop tunes with electronic sensibilities. I had a few of their songs to choose from for this playlist but this one felt the most quintessentially “spring” to me. It’s just got so many different things going on all at once; a beautiful cluster of happy sounds.

5. Good as New – Vacationer

The opening sample in this song is enough reason to put it in any good Spring playlist. This track flows so well from the last track and it has awesome dreamy vocals to go with its sunny instrumentals. The chorus of “feeling good as new” seems appropriate for this time of year.

6. Crosswords – Panda Bear

Panda Bear is a bit of an oddball psychedelic band, but that’s exactly what I was looking for for this playlist. The harmonies and group vocals on this track are delightful. I could just drift off listening to this one. It has a weird charm to it.

7. Feel the Lightning – Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon specializes in the electronic and the bizarre. The robot vocals are a little odd at first, but the track is a sneaky kind of catchy where you might not be singing along right away, but it’ll be stuck in your head later. It’s like Daft Punk but with less disco (thankfully).

8. Feel it All Around – Washed Out

You almost feel like you’re underwater when you listen to this one. It has a tropical kind of vibe. It’s a real steady track with a great beat and more of the kind of dreamy vocals that populate most of this playlist. There are just so many layers to take in on this song.

9. Sleep In – Telekinesis

This has the feel of a MGMT or a Passion Pit song but a little more deliberate and toned down. It’s very much a chill song that, as its name suggests, is perfect for a day where you sleep in. This one is for people who take their time and enjoy it.

10. The Moment – Tame Impala

This is off the most recent album of the critically acclaimed psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala. This track is groovy (and I usually try not to use the word groovy, but it fits here.) The production quality and the mix are insanely good. This is one of the more polished and sophisticated tracks you’ll hear. It’s just an outright classic song.


Here’s last year’s Spring playlist as well if you want a little extra seasonal music.