Playlist: Graduation Style

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Congratulations! You did it! You’re graduating (or at least dreaming about it!). What an exciting and momentous time! This calls for a celebration (playlist)! We’ve curated a few songs that will help set the mood for that big beautiful day. Give it a listen while you’re donning your cap and gown. Enjoy this day, smile, […]

Playlist: Finals Week 2017

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All right, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve had so much fun writing this semester, but it’s time for this semester to come to an end. The end of the semester equals finals week, which we all love so much. Music is the only thing that has saved me during finals, so […]

Playlist: Emma’s Pop Picks

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So I’ve been listening to a number of songs that I felt needed to be shared. Most of them are pop songs that you have probably heard on the radio and yes, Ed Sheeran and Alessia Cara are on here more than once. But they both deserve to be celebrated. I hope you enjoy the […]

Playlist: Spring Is Here!

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Springtime is finally upon us! I carefully selected these fifteen tracks for either their references to the change in weather, or simply their sunny vibes. This is the perfect collection of songs to listen to while coasting around Presque Isle with the windows down. Countdown – Phoenix This song is the first one that came […]

Playlist: Love

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To paraphrase a tweet by famous rapper Tyler, The Creator, “being in love is cool as heck.” To capture this sentiment and celebrate the holiday of Valentine’s Day, I’ve curated a playlist that expresses the idea of being in love. Give it a listen this February 14th for some warm and fuzzy feelings! “Peach” – […]

Now Playing

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The songs we’ve can’t get enough of at Edge. Updated weekly with two songs from each Edge staffer. This week we have music from Dawes, You Blew It! Day Wave, and more.

Playlist: Sounds of the Edge Office

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Ah, the Edge office – she is a merciless beast. Much like the sea, she giveth and taketh away (deadlines and content ideas, respectively). Okay, so it’s really not bad at all, and I don’t know why I’m talking like a sea captain, but things can get stressful around here! Anytime one of us is […]

Finals Week Playlist: Alright

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  It’s almost the end. Summer awaits. But first you have to get through the gauntlet of finals week. Everyone has different ways of dealing with the stress and making it through. If you’re like me, you deal with it through music. You spend all week with headphones in, bumping whatever songs make you feel […]

Edge Playlist: Springtime Overload

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    Boy, do I have a good one for you this time, folks. Last year, I gave you a playlist for the season, simply titled: “Spring!” This time around I went a little weirder with the song selection to give you as much of those springtime good vibes as possible. The result is 10 […]

Playlist: Spoken Word

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We recently published a piece here at Edge about local poet Bigg Wash and his album release show. After listening to the album I started thinking about spoken word and all the ways it can be utilized.  Lover of playlists that I am, I embarked down a rabbit hole in search of interesting and varied […]