It’s almost the end. Summer awaits. But first you have to get through the gauntlet of finals week. Everyone has different ways of dealing with the stress and making it through. If you’re like me, you deal with it through music. You spend all week with headphones in, bumping whatever songs make you feel better about everything. If you’re still looking for the right tracks for the occasion, Edge has you covered with a playlist titled simply “Alright.” Because everything IS going to be alright and you’re going to kill it.  Let these tracks reassure you of that fact and carry you through to the end.

  1. Alright – Kendrick Lamar

This one is the inspiration for this playlist. I couldn’t picture this playlist without this track at the top of it. Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit from the critically acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly will make you feel better about everything immediately. As the man says: “We gon’ be aight.”

2. Trouble – T.V. on the Radio

This is my personal stress out song. It’s just very reassuring. The chorus of “everything’s gonna be ok. I keep telling myself” acts as a mantra as you try to compose yourself and push through the the daily grind.

3. Holding on for Life – Broken Bells

This one is for those days when you are, well…. “holding on for life.” This is for the times when you’re barely hanging in there and just need to push through to the end of the day. Keep holding on. You can make it.

4. Here it Goes Again (UK Surf Version) – OK GO

Here it goes again. You’ve heard this early 2000’s classic before. But this is the slowed down, chill version of that track. This is another anthem for those awful days that you wish would end.  But it’s also about just dealing with those days as they come.

5. Rollercoaster – Bleachers, Charlie XCX

This is another twist on a song you’ve probably heard. This is the version of Bleacher’s radio hit Rollercoaster, sung by Charlie XCX. This track is about embracing the ups and downs of life. It’s here to remind you that every high point is followed by a low one, so keep on movin’.

6. I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times (Instrumental) – Jamie XX

This one is to remind you of the good times directly ahead. This track is technically instrumental but it’s it still got the vocals from it’s hook (and it’s title). Summers is just a few tests away.

7. Hold On We’re Going Home – Drake, Majid Jordan

Following up on the message laid down by Jamie XX, this track is hear to reinforce the fact that if you can just get through the last week, you can go home, relax, and enjoy the fact that the semester is over.

8. Love Yourz – J. Cole

We’re going to get a little sappy here. I went for some music with a message on this one. This is from J. Cole’s album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and it’s about appreciating your struggles as well as your successes and not getting too down when things are tough.

9. All Alright – fun.

I think you know what I’m getting at here. The theme of everything turning out fine continues.

10. We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) – Kid Cudi

Once again, it kind of explains itself. The last two songs are great closing tracks to a playlist in their own right but this felt like the proper ending point. Vibe out to some Kid Cudi and know that we aight.